13-year-old murdered by her father in Iran

Romina Ashrafi was a 13-year-old teen killed by her father in Iran. Sources confirm, she is from a village near the city Talesh and was killed by her father for eloping with a boy she was in love with. Romina ran away from her abusive home to marry the boy. However, she was arrested by police and inspite of begging the police not to sent her back; she was ordered by the town judge of her village to be sent back home. As per reports, on 20th May 2020, her fears were realised. Romina was murdered in a horrifying brutal manner by her father while she was asleep. In a town of 5000 people (Talesh, Gilan province, Islamic Republic of Iran) her elope was known by everyone, and hence it is commonly believed that this incident brought shame and disgrace to the family, which led to the horrendous act of a father killing his own child.


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