Brazillian influencer shot dead with 14 bullets by her husband

Eliane Ferreira Siolin, 35, was a social media influencer with 58,000 followers on TikTok. She was shot dead in front of her six-year-old allegedly by her husband who killed himself soon after. The bodies were found on the back porch of a property in Ponto Pora, Brazil on Sunday.

Eliane’s body had at least 14 gunshot wounds and her right arm was apparently broken, while Antonio’s body had a single gunshot to the head.

According to police, the couple argued often, including about Eliane’s social media posts.

Officer Analu Ferraz said: “Close friends said they fought a lot, even in public.”

The deceased, who got married to 49-year-old Tom Sharkey a year ago, had reportedly opened up to friends about the couple’s marital issues, including physical and verbal abuse. “He strangles me and chokes me out and I blackout and wake up on the bathroom floor every single time,” Sharkey’s friend recalled her saying once. Some even claimed the couple was headed towards a divorce.

So far, police have seized a gun, a number of bullets and a spare magazine found close to the bodies.

It is reported the couple’s six-year-old daughter witnessed the incident, and she was later taken in by relatives.

Local media also suggested the pair argued about one of Eliane’s TikTok videos during the row.

By Team RSP

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