“A beautiful woman draws strength from her troubles, smiles during her distress, and grows stronger with prayers”


A common quote, that I received on this Women’s Day made my heart heavy, tears rolled down bringing in joyous memories of the most beautiful woman who completely changed my life by infusing the passion to live. This was my teacher, who taught science of breathing. Every morning my heart and soul raced to meet the teacher who so soulfully taught courage, resilience, and devotion amidst all chaos that went around our lives. She never preached. She taught by example, leading an exemplary life.

Every day my heart yearned to meet the teacher from whom the nectar of our Guru flowed. Parking the car right in front of the gate and rushing to her mediation room. That distinctive fragrance of the incense stick still makes my heart miss a beat. As one enters through the door, it seemed as if one is in a different dimension. Where space and time become still. Her beatific smile and a warm ‘hello ‘took away the baggage of our daily lives quandary and as we proceeded with our mediation session , swayed into this state of deep love and devotion and life seemed just too simple. Sitting in her meditation room always made us feel loved and in the process making us realize the source of love is her devotion.

I knew her journey hadn’t been an easy one as a woman, she had her own gordian knots to solve, yet she never got entangled in them. She was always dispassionate towards her own problems yet extremely compassionate to ours. She always had an ear for our hornets’ nests.

Today, when I look at myself in the mirror I do see the shades of the woman I wanted to be, and if I am able to achieve that it’s all because of that woman who in true sense of the word understood womanhood. It’s amazing to think how in a yoga class she taught us to live. To understand the woman inside of us. To give that woman a direction and to comprehend the wants of the woman one always desired to be. She infused courage that is required to combat life’s vicissitudes. Suffused indefatigable devotion for our path just by being her true self. Making us understand how to be dispassionate towards our highs and lows by example. I withstood my shares of tornadoes yet firmly placed my foot on the ground because of what I learnt from her. Learning never stops , she continues to teach and we continue to imbibe from the exemplary life she leads.

About the Author

Sonia is a teacher and a business owner.  Writing has been something she resorted to express her emotions.  Today, it has become voice of her heart, to be able to delve into emotions she never knew existed.  Writing has also given her the opportunity to become a global citizen.  To understand and talk about global issues. She also had a great opportunity to be part of an anthology called Mind- a book on mental health.

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