How Cecelia Nowlin the Owner & Founder of Empower Business Group Inspires Young Girls

While many young girls were dreaming of Prince Charming and waiting for a frog to kiss, Cecelia spent most of her childhood dreaming about freedom. Freedom from the financial shackles that surrounded her as well as the freedom that came with living the life she wanted.

It all began in 9th grade. Her first introduction to the life she wanted was through a show called “The Lifestyle of the rich and famous." Glued to the TV, she watched others live the lifestyle she wanted.

As the credits of the show rolled, she asked her mom how she could afford the lifestyle and wealth those reality stars displayed. The words of her mother were the catalyst that laid the foundation for who she is today. Her mother said, "Cecelia, these women own their own businesses..." At that moment, she knew what she wanted to do.

Young girls and women in today's world have a lot to learn from those who have turned powerful wishes into reality. It is important that young girls know that they have the whole world ahead of them.

From a young age, Cecelia knew that those who lived the life of their dreams must have worked hard to get where they are. She told whoever she came across that she was going to be rich and own her business. It was a strong conviction she held dear and true.

You are more than who you think you are

It's not going to be easy, girls. As you dream big, a lot of naysayers will come with pins to pick your ballons. As Cecelia told others of her dreams and aspirations, they gave her a million and one reasons why it wouldn't work. They told her to dream smaller, think less of herself, and tow the line every other person was towing. Don't believe them. You are more than who you think you are.

No one tells you about the doubt but Cecelia is familiar with this. It starts with unbelief. She started believing that she couldn’t own her business. She thought maybe they knew something that she didn’t. She dumped her dreams in a box, tied it with a haphazard bow, and went off to college to get a degree. She hated working but fear kept her living paycheck to paycheck.

One day, girls, you will have to make a move and remember that childhood dream. In Cecelia's case, she wanted a few hours off to see her son's program. Her boss at the time said she couldn't leave. At that moment, she realized how her job had become the center of her life.

She regained her freedom, went to a courthouse and got a DBA.

Through that “self-taught” experience, and through trial and error, she was able to build multiple successful businesses from the ground up. She founded the Empower Business Group 18 years ago to help other start-up entrepreneurs and young women who have audacious dreams. Her new book “The Secret to Entrepreneurship for Newbies” was created to help newbie entrepreneurs with key steps to starting a new business.

Cecelia Nowlin is a speaker, mentor, and business coach for new business owners.

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