Love thy self



Look up.

Look by your side.

Do you see something?

Can you hear anything?

Stretch your arms;

Embrace your warmth;

Cuddle yourself;

Touch, Feel, Love,

the skin that you wear.

Be a teddy for a day,

Or a bitch if you wish you may.

Be grumpy and cranky,

Be chirpy and chattery.

Be bossy and sassy,

Be all that you thought you can’t be.

Love thy self.

Love those freckles, those flaws, those scars,

You long detest.

Love your soul, your power, your strength,

You know, but never accept.

Go out somewhere;

treat yourself with Nutella and beer.

Be so much in love that you no longer care,

The unbuttoned shirt or the strap of the bra,

You merrily bought but hesitated to wear.

Grow an orchard or read a book;

Listen to songs or dance on their tunes.

Make a wish, but don’t wait for it to come true.

Open that door you never thought you could.

Stop for a while.

Take a pause to look by your side.

See the things from a different insight,

Hear the words that remain out of sight.

Stop for a while.

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