Self-Care Tips for Better Health

1. First thing in the morning: DRINK WATER

8 hours of dehydration has the capability to make your day crappy if you won't rehydrate. So ladies, drink your way to a healthy, chirpy, glowing you!

2. Pleasant thoughts ladies, pleasant and happy thoughts

No matter how difficult the day is, look into the mirror force a fake smile, look into your eyes, hold, hold, hold, voila you'll soon burst into a natural laugh.

3. Smell your coffee, relish your breakfast

Give time to your meals. Sit, enjoy every bite. It's a bowl full of your future health and wealth. Include more veggies and fresh fruits. Things change when you start incorporating these small changes. Smile as you chew your food and kick start your day with vision and vigour.

4. Take a new route

The idea is to do something that you haven't done every day. It can be as simple as brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand.

5. Dance girl Dance

Let go. Increase the volume, dance your heart out with your peeps or by yourself. Give 10 minutes to your own joy. But first, what's your joy?

6. Mediate

It isn't all about sitting still and focussing on one thing. It is also bring yourself back in the present moment. If you can manage to remind yourself once or twice every day to come back to reality, shift your attention to your breathing, you are on a path of mediation.

(Comment below if you want to read on mediation)

7.Things that didn't suck today

Well, start writing or share with your people at least 5 things that weren't all that bad today. Make it a habit to remind yourself how things turn out well, and you did well. They weren't that bad, and the day was in fact good enough. Smile and sleep with a content heart.

Things are fine, they will be fine. You're doing great. Just start loving, appreciating yourself as much you appreciate your people.

Give yourself some credit, ladies.

You are phenomenal!

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