Top France Award for Indian Physicist Rohini Godbole

....Recognising her efforts to Promote Women in Science!

Particle physicist Professor Rohini Godbole from the Centre for High Energy Physics at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) has been awarded the Ordre National Du Merite, or National Order of Merit, one of the highest distinctions bestowed by France.

Image source: Twitter/@iiscbangalore

Prof Godbole is known for her commitment to promoting women in science. She says, "In my 40 years in the world of science in India and outside, I have seen women who are smart and intelligent and could have made an impact in the field of science. Somewhere along the entire process, they could not do so, and what drives me to push for women in science programmes is that this missing contribution needs to be brought back. Science needs to bring back these women. "

She believes that while there have been several changes, increasing public awareness has also led policymakers to come together to encourage women in science. “I am an optimist and while societal attitudes need to change, the new STIP (Science, Technology and Innovation policy) draft is an encouraging one, especially as it adequately addresses the subject of equity,” she said.

The physicist pointed out that science needs to have equitable representation. For instance, a major focus of the draft STIP 2020 is ensuring at least 30 per cent representation of women in all decision-making bodies. The policy states that promoting talented women scientists in leadership positions across research and science administration is required to inspire women who aspire to pursue careers in science.

Other than her active participation in encouraging women in science, Prof Godbole is best known for her work at European Organisation for Nuclear Research, CERN. She has authored more than 100 research papers on different scientific subjects as she continues to teach, and inspire students around the world.

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