Your Mental Health Matters

There are times when we keep things to ourselves, let the emotions bottled up until there's an overflow. When that happens our mind takeover, the ability to perceive and see through falters. But don't worry, it happens. Happens with everyone. Some cases are severe and require immediate medical care. However, the ones that can be handled or at least halted are often seen around us.

A friend who suddenly stops talking, refuses to go out, or a child who finds no interest in daily activities. When we notice such traits among our dear ones, let's ensure they don't feel alone.

Our presence and willingness to listen can change someone's life. We may help her/him from getting into the moulds of severe depression. But first, let us make sure we listen without any judgement. Listen with care and compassion, with love and empathy. LISTEN.  

If the reader him/herself is going through a low phase in their life, they don't know what to do, or who to talk to? Then let us assure, we are here for you. Download SKYPE (It's free) create your account and drop a message on (skype ID). We are available 24*7. Do not hesitate. Pick up your phone and call.

If nothing works out, and you find yourself feeling uncomfortable, please get in touch with one of the 5 elements (air, water, fire, space and earth). You can either dip your legs in water tub or natural stream of water, walk bare foot on grass, touch the earth, damp your hands in mud or stretch your arms and feel the air on your skin. The easiest and most effective way is DEEP BREATHING. It will instantly make you calm, you will feel better, and you may continue this process at any given time and space.  

Remember, you have the power to overcome this, and you will.

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